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Ammo On Team, Overseas, Bieber!

Anthony Morrow is in town to help out with a Jersey hoops charity game and sat down with Colin Stephenson to talk about what's he been up during lockout...including his brush with Justin Bieber.  Morrow is helping to raise money through Hooping for Hope, a night of basketball at Stevens Institute in Hoboken.

The money raised is to be used to buy backpacks and other school supplies for children in Newark, Jersey City and other urban areas.

The Nets shooting guard said he thought about going overseas but decided to stay around Charlotte, "I can get a lot out of my trainers and out of my workouts here, and kind of utilize the time to spend with my family,'' he said. As for his most famous summer workout, with Team Bieber. "We got the win, but I didn’t play before [hitting three three's at the end]. I don’t think he even knew who I was,'' Morrow said.