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Report: Owners Agree on Amnesty

The owners and players representatives are meeting Thursday amid reports of divisions within both camps and yet, increasing optimism something could get done in time to salvage the season, all of it. 

John Canzano of The Oregonian reports that there is agreement among the owners (and presumably the players) on a broad amnesty that would be part of a new CBA.

Canzano writes there is broad consensus on "an amnesty clause that would give NBA teams the ability to release one player, pay his salary, take no luxury tax liability, and also, not have that player count against the season salary cap.  This is different than the last round of amnesty, which didn’t give the cap relief."

Canzano, who covers the Trailblazers suggests that the leading candidate for such an amnesty would be Brandon Roy, whose famous first step has been hobbled by knee surgery.  Who would be the candidate on the Nets?  Reports indicate Travis Outlaw (owed $28 million) is likely to get dumped if the amnesty is instituted.