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Petro To Invest in French Team!

While other NBA players are negotiating contracts with European clubs, Johan Petro is talking about investing in one! A local newspaper in Toulon, France, reports that Petro has been in negotiations to buy an interest in Hyeres Toulon Var (HTV), a team in the French A league. The extent of Petro's investment has not been disclosed.

"We have laid the groundwork for an agreement with Roland Palacios," said the 24-year-old Petro on Wednesday, referring to HTV's principal owner. "I think it's right there for a great club to be born." Petro wants the team to restructure itself before investing. That didn't seem to be an issue for Palacios. "HTV is interested in the world. We have the same vision with Johan. I hope that we will achieve great things together."