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Kris & Kim - Trouble in Paradise!!

We have been restrained in our coverage of Kris and Kim...limiting ourselves to the important matters in their lives: the engagement, the wedding, the pre-nup.

Why? because you never know what's "real" in reality tv and what's manufactured.  Our default position has always been: it's the latter.  Otherwise, we'd be updating hourly.

But now, the reputation of one of our favorite Nets has been besmirched.  He has been called an "this weird big clumsy oaf", a "d*ck", etc. by her sisters in notorious gossip rags. Kim is reportedly "miserable already" and "forced to defend her love".  And the two are supposedly "fighting over her fortune" (which in reality is not much bigger than his).

Kris reportedly isn't too happy either.  As "Oh No They Didn't", the celebrity buzz blog, writes, there are "two major points of contention...

"1. Their life is completely, comically staged.
"2. Kris noticed."