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Aide: Prokhorov Warned Of Threat

Mikhailov Partners
Mikhailov Partners

In an article mainly about Mikhail Prokhorov's attempt to get his former party to return $30 million, one of his aides is quoted as saying the Nets owner avoided meeting with students in a Moscow park Saturday and came early to speak with another group at a concert hall "despite warnings" that "pro-Kremlin youth groups" might attack him.

"First, he notified them he would not (attend)," his representative told Kommersant, speaking of the meeting at the Crocus Concert Hall. "But because the event attracted more than four thousand people, Michael decided to go despite warnings."  Quoting the aide, Kommersant reported that the "surprise factor" was the reason that "there were no attacks". The scope of the discussion at the event was also limited by mutual consent.

As for the park meeting, Prokhorov decided not to go "to avoid provocations" by the youth groups, Kommersant quoted a Prokhorov representative as saying. Both events had been scheduled before Prokhorov was ousted as leader of "Just Cause" and lashed out at the Kremlin.