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D12: I'd Like To Play with D-Will and Anthony Morrow

So you want something to hold you through the lockout?  We got something, something we missed in our worldwide coverage of Nets news but site regulars Elonepb and NetsKing unearthed.

Back in June when Dwight Howard (and Andrei Kirilenko) were showing Russian kids how to the play the game and shimmying with the Nets Dancers, he did an interview with Russia Today, an English language Russian TV outlet. RT's Roman Kosarev asked, "If you were to pick four partners from the NBA, who would they be?"

His response, "Well, Chris Paul, Stephen Jackson...what's his name, Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow or, I got five, Monta Ellis, I like him." 

Howard took the question seriously, smiling only when he momentarily forgot Williams name. Both Williams and Morrow have already retweeted Elone's tweet.  As for us, we haven't been this excited since LeBron James said Brooklyn was his favorite borough in New York!