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Nets Name "Coach K" Protege To Be Armor Assistant, Nets Employee

Springfield Armor
Springfield Armor

Chris Carrawell, who's spent much of his adult life in Duke basketball, has been named assistant coach of the Springfield Armor.  Carrawell, 33, now becomes the second Nets employee on the Armor staff, joining Bob MacKinnon Jr., who was named head coach last week.

"We are so happy for Chris. He’s the consummate team player who became ACC Player of the Year. He has a great understanding of the game and loves to teach it," said Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski. "This position is absolutely perfect for him."  He held multiple positions with Duke. 

Carrawell's Duke teammates included Shane Battier, Corey Maggette and Elton Brand.

"He is a young, aggressive coach who comes to the Armor from a storied college basketball environment, and his passion and energy will be an invaluable asset to our players," said Milton Lee, who runs the Armor for the Nets.