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New CBA Talks Happening This Week

Not to get anyone excited, but it appears we are at or nearing crunchtime on the CBA talks. Charles Grantham, once head of the NBA players association, says the next two weeks are crucial and indeed Wednesday and/or Thursday, there will be small group talks: David Stern, Adam Silver, Peter Holt of the Spurs for the owners Billy Hunter, Derek Fisher and a lawyer for the players .

Anyone hoping for a quick end, however, should read what Mark Heisler wrote Tuesday for Chris Sheridan's new site: nobody loses money until November 1. Players are still getting paid, owners haven't lost any revenue. After that? "Every week they haggle after, assuming it results in lost games, will cost the involved parties $167 million, based upon revenue projections of $4 billion".

That's not to say Heisler and others aren't cautiously optimistic. They are. But the key word in that sentence may very well be "cautiously".