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Prokhorov: I May Run for President

Yes, no, maybe so.  That seems to be the history of Mikhail Prokhorov's stated intentions re: the presidency of Russia.  After saying August 3 he wasn't interested in running for president next March, he apparently shifted gears Friday and suggested that if his Pravoe Delo party wins the second most seats in Parliament this December, he'll consider a run.

"If the party gets second place in the elections, we will put forward a candidate for the presidency and I don’t rule out my candidacy," Prokhorov told RIA Novosti, the Russian state news agency.  Prokhorov has set a goal of 15% of the vote, twice what is required for representation in the Duma, Russia's parliament.  However, the latest polls show his liberal pro-business party with only 3%.

Although Prokhorov has resigned from the head of his investment company, Onexim, he is still worth an estimated $18 to $25 billion and controls the Nets through a U.S. company unrelated to his Russia interests.