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Deron Williams Heads for Turkey


Deron Williams boarded a plane for Istanbul Thursday expecting to land Friday and begin training camp with Besiktas ...or did he? NBC Sports reports he did but he tweeted Thursday night from San Diego. He'll be one of three Nets listed on the team roster to play in Turkey, along with Sasha Vujacic and Bojan Bogdanovic.

Williams is expected to be introduced to the Turkish media in the coming days and begin training camp with the Turkish team. First game is September 27 vs. Dexia Mons of Belgium. Both Vujacic, who was signed by Efes Andalou and Bogdanovic, who's under contract with Fenerbache, play for Turkey's Euroleague entries in an NBA-size arena while Williams plays in the EuroCup, one level down, and in an arena that seats 3,200.