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Prokhorov Says He Doesn't Fear Jail

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Mikhailov Partners
Mikhailov Partners

In an interview with a British newspaper, Mikhail Prokhorov said he doesn't fear that his accusations against the Kremlin will lead to a jail term, as it has for at least one other oligarch. 

"I am not afraid and see no threat," the Nets owner told The Daily Telegraph, saying the big battle is going on inside the Kremlin. "There is a conflict of different ideologies. There are the conservatives who don’t want to change anything and there are others who understand that urgent changes are needed. They are my allies."

At least one analyst thinks the Kremlin is unlikely to make Prokhorov a martyr.  "In the worst case, probably his informal tax burden will go up," said Vladimir Pribylovsky, head of the Panorama think tank. Prokhorov also signaled he may return to business, saying he does not know yet "how everything will go on."