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Brooks Looking Forward to Jersey

Seth Cohen
Seth Cohen

Just before he headed north to Providence, MarShon Brooks spent time in Miami, meeting with his agent, Seth Cohen, attending Cohen's son's bar mitzvah and talking to Go Avant Garde, a local blog. Brooks says he's looking forward to his first game in New Jersey in front of family and friends from the shore. 

Although Brooks played high school ball in Atlanta, he was born in Long Branch and lived in Asbury Park till age 6. In the summers, he attended camp at Monmouth College, staying with relatives. This spring, he did pre-draft training at Real Gymm in Keyport. Then, after the draft, he ran a summer camp in Asbury.

"I haven't played in NJ yet but I'm really just looking forward to playing in front of my family and friends before we (the Nets) move on to Brooklyn", said Brooks, the 11th Jersey native to play for the Nets..

Brooks also talked about why he hasn't signed overseas, other than he's finishing up the two classes he needs for his degree: "For somebody such as myself, being a first-round pick and still not signed yet, it's definitely a chance you take in going over seas because anything can happen with this sport," he said.