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Billy King Keeping Busy

He's restricted from making trades, signing players, even talking about players already on the Nets' roster.  So what's a GM to do while he waits for the lockout to end? One thing Billy King is doing is hit the books. Not for himself --he has a degree from Duke-- but for kids in Paterson and Brooklyn.

At 9 a.m. Monday, King will appear at P.S. 276 in Brooklyn to dedicate a playground and talk to 200 youngsters about the value of education.  Then a few hours later, at 2 p.m., he'll be in Paterson to celebrate Back to School by visiting with 300 students at P.S. 15, who will also receive school supplies and Back to School t-shirts courtesy of the team.

Meanwhile, across the country in Fresno, Thursday was "Brook and Robin Lopez Day" honoring the Nets center and his brother for giving back to the community.  The two accepted the honor along with their mother, Deborah Ledford.