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Farmar Getting Started in Tel Aviv

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The Nets' three point guards are starting to get time on the court in what Europeans call "friendly", exhibition games usually against lesser talent.  Deron Williams has already played two and Jordan Farmar got his first time on the court for Maccabi Tel Aviv Wednesday, going for 6 and 4 vs. Maccabi Haifa.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is one of Europe's top teams while its rival up the coast in Haifa is a middling Israeli League team and it showed in the final score, an 88-63 victory for Tel Aviv.  Farmar played limited meetings, but was credited with "some great plays" by the Tel Aviv team site, but was the subject of some implied ridicule on the Haifa site, which delighted in posting a video of him falling down trying to defend a crossover by Jeremy Wise.