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Prokhorov's Outburst Carries Risks

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

Mikhail Prokhorov's ouster from the political party he headed will surely have consequences for him and his businesses, possibly even the Nets, but right now, those consequences are hard to predict. The Nets owner and the world's 39th richest man accused Russian strongman Vladimir Putin's top political aide of organizing a Kremlin takeover.  That's something no one has done before. Thus, the uncertainty.

In a radio interview Thursday night, Prokhorov said he was aware of the risks and accepts them. "I'm used to it. Risk - it's part of my life, I love to take risks, but the risk is reasonable," he told Moscow Echo. "So I'm not afraid, and I have kept the Russian laws." Still, Moscow's biggest financial newspaper listed all of Prokhorov's assets that could be at risk and included his interests in the Nets and the Barclays Center.

One of the country's leading liberals and a friend of Prokhorov's called his position "precarious", particularly his investments.  Said Boris Nemtsov: "if he would continue political activities, he risks losing business and possibly searches and criminal cases will begin. As his friend, I would advise him to keep his freedom and return to the business."  Not likely now...he's talking about running for president in March.