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Arena Still Ahead of Schedule Despite August's Earthquake and Hurricane

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The first construction update since the dual disasters of earthquake and hurricane is out and the Barclays Center remains a month ahead of schedule, with "substantial completion is anticipated to be by August 27, 2012". The arena is now more than 35% complete and roofing panels should be going up soon...if not already underway.

Meanwhile, work on the Transit Connection has slowed (for reasons unrelated to the earthquake or hurricane) and is now due to be completed March 26 of next year, its original completion date. It had been ahead of schedule. Among the recent changes to the design are the elimination of a $15,000 team sauna ("few teams actually use them," said a Net insider) and the addition of $83,000 for "design modifications to the team and family lounge". Well, there are a lot of those Kardashians.