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Found: J-Will Summer Highlights!

It's been hard keeping up with the Nets players this summer.  It's one thing if you're playing for a Turkish pro team or the Croatian national team or if you're on a New York streetball roster.  But other than his heroics for Team Bieber, we don't have a lot of good information on what Anthony Morrow did, although he did play in Pro-Am games in Charlotte and Atlanta.

So we're still waiting to hear how Jordan Williams did in the Impact Basketball's "Lockout League" Monday.  But Elonepb has unearthed video of J-Will two weeks ago playing in the Osgood Shootout, a Pro-Am tournament in New Britain, CT.  Highlights of J-Will can be found 45 seconds in. He's #9 in blue. It's short, but it's something.