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Boki Coming Back to NBA...Nets?

Marc Stein reports Tuesday via Twitter that Boki Nachbar wants to come back to the NBA, that he has passed on European offers.  Stein doesn't report which teams might appeal to the former Net, but in the past he has expressed an interest in returning to the Nets. And not just in the past.

"That [Brooklyn] is going to be a really big thing," Nachbar told Chris Sheridan this week, talking about the team's move.  He also still maintains an apartment in New Jersey.

While watching his Slovenian team play in Eurobasket...and even before, Nachbar has talked of his interest in returning to the NBA. Nachbar was a fan favorite in New Jersey where he averaged nearly 10 points a game over 150 games between 2006 and 2008. After leaving New Jersey, he spent time in Russia, getting a buyout after his team stopped paying him, then Turkey. He's now 31.

Sheridan lists Detroit (referencing Nachbar's admiration for Lawrence Frank) and Toronto (referencing a connection with Maurizio Gherardini) as other possibilities.