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In Second Part of Russian Interview, Avery Says Boss To Stay "Celibate"

Pro100 Basket
Pro100 Basket

Maybe it got lost in the translation or it's a joke...or it just sounds odd. Last year, Mikhail Prokhorov famously pledged to get married if the Nets didn't win an NBA title by 2015. So Avery Johnson was asked about it when sitting down with Championat writers.

"I think Michael will have to remain celibate," said a laughing coach of his playboy owner, suggesting he, too, expects a title in five years. For the most part, Johnson stayed just inside lockout rules re: not discussing players, but twice went right up to the line.

Asked who's the best player he ever played with, he'd only say, "I can not answer you, because this man is still playing in the NBA. Let's just say he's the best Power Forward in the league in history. Tim Duncan maybe?

And when asked whether he'd want to build his team around a center or playmaker, he also revealed a little: "Previously, I would choose a 'big'. However, given current realities, now my answer is: around a playmaker." Deron Who?