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Bogdanovic Scores 17, But Serbia, Behind Krstic, Wins Ex-Yugo Title

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 17 on 7-for-11 shooting Tuesday, but his Croatian national team fell to Serbia and Nenad Krstic, 80-71, in the Adecco Ex-Yu Tournament title game. The ex-Net hit two free throws with 1:54 left to put the Serbs ahead for good.  Both teams move on to London for another "friendly" tourney next week.

Bogdanovic was 7-for-8 from inside the arc but again missed all his three pointers, as he did Monday. He also had four turnovers, giving him nine in two games.  Krstic, who along with former Warrior pick Kosta Perovic form Serbia's Twin Towers, finished with 16 and 8. Bogdanovic was the tournament's high scorer. In the London Invitational, which starts a week from Tuesday, another ex-Net, Yi Jianlian, will play for China.