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What's Jay-Z Saying About Nets?

Somewhere in academe there is a course in interpreting the music and lyrics of Jay-Z. If so, we can add two articles written Tuesday to the syllabus.

In his new album with Kanye West, "Watch the Throne", Jay-Z sings about how unphased he is by it all (and why not? He is married to Beyonce' and a fortune estimated at more than $300 million.) Among the lyrics:

Ball so hard, this s–t crazy, y’all know that don’t s–t phase me
The Nets could go 0 for 82 and I look at you like this s–t gravy

Dan Fogarty of SportsGrid believes the Nets minority owner is saying he wouldn't care if the Nets lost every game. "In my opinion, though, Jay-Z is talking about the Nets literally losing every game they play next season. He’s lived in the tri-state area long enough to know that it’s a distinct possibility."

Tom Ziller of SB Nation, sees the lyric as more political. He thinks it means Jay doesn't care if the lockout causes the Nets to lose all 82 games.