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Farmar Shooting For Rare Double

Jordan Farmar's decision to play this season for Maccabi Tel Aviv will give him an opportunity to perform a rare feat: winning championships in both the NBA and Euroleague.  Farmar, of course, won two titles with the Lakers before joining the Nets and Maccabi got to the Euroleague Final last season before losing.

Only four players have won in both leagues: Bill Bradley (Milano and the Knicks); Manu Ginobili (Bologna and the Spurs); Bob McAdoo (two each with the Lakers and Milano) and Toni Kukoc, who had the rarest combination: three straight Euroleague titles (with Split) followed by three straight NBA titles (with the Bulls). Bradley and Ginobili also won Olympic gold medals.

"I've won two NBA championships and lost one in the finals so I know what it feels like to be in a situation to get that close and come up short," said Farmar of the Maccabi challenge. "I believe that my experience on the court and off could help out the team, also on a day to day basis."