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So, Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? If Yes, Then Nets Are In First Place!

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

Greg Hrinya of The Examiner examines the Nets off-season and finds it a success, not because of any trade or free agent signing by Billy King, but because they've made more news than any other NBA team during the lockout...and he makes a strong case for any publicity is good publicity.

While headlines are few and far between, the Nets have become the NBA's most interesting team. Deron Williams is the highest-profile player to make waves for joining an international team, a prestigious new arena is under construction in Brooklyn, and a Net is on pace for a televised wedding to celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Of course, once the balls start bouncing again, none of this will be remembered and as Hrinya concludes, "Here's hoping that Humphries' wedding isn't the biggest NBA news for the Nets in 2011-12."