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D-Will, Brooks May Meet in Chicago


It started out with MarShon Brooks tweeting that he was going to be in Chicago for a few days.  Not long after, Deron Williams asked for how long.  "Ummm until Tuesday bro," Brooks replied, perhaps a bit nervous after their last exchange where D-Will asked him to "take off" his Nets t-shirt in solidarity with the union.

Williams tweeted that he too was going to be in Chi-town on his way to the Illinois Alumni game. "What's up I'm going down to the U of I passing through the chi today."  Brooks liked the idea, "oh ok ok, if u in the city before Tuesday make sure u holla at me! I would like to at least learn play calls."

D-Will thought the rook was funny. "Bro I need to learn the plays lol we put in a whole bunch of Utah stuff to make it easy we need a training camp all of us LOl."  Brooks was surprised to hear that. "lol I didn't even think about that situation ...sheesh! We in the same boat."  And so they are.

Brooks also tweeted Friday that he will finish up his degree at Providence this fall. He dropped out after basketball season to prepare for the Draft.