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Prokhorov: No to Presidential Run

Apparently, Mikhail Prokhorov has as much interest in running for President of Russia as he does in being President of  the Islanders...nyet at this time.

In an e-mail to Brloomberg News, Prokhorov said he would focus on the Duma, Russia's parliament, just as he told NetsDaily he would focus on the Nets.

"I so far have no ambitions for a presidential post,’’ Prokhorov, said when asked about March elections, just as he said he has "no interest in pursuing the purchase of another sports team at this time."  He has said he feels he would make a good prime minister.

On his blog, Prokhorov denied he was anyone's toady. “I am not a Kremlin project,” the Nets owner said. “I saw a niche that could be filled and decided to make use of it."