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ESPN Panel: Howard Good for Nets

As they did with Deron Williams, the ESPN Panel on 2012 Free Agents took a deep look at where Dwight Howard might wind up when the lockout is over, teams can talk to players and the world is right again.  And for the most part, they think the Nets are as good a bet to get Howard as they are to keep D-Will.

While three of the four concluded Williams would likely stay with the Nets, two of the four believe that Howard could join Williams in Brooklyn.

Again, Chris Broussard was most into the idea of a resurgent Nets. He writes: "The best center and arguably the best point guard in the league joining forces? Could be magical. Avery Johnson has proved to be a very good coach, and the owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, will do whatever it takes to make the Nets a first-class operation."