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No Jimmer Invite for MarShon

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Jimmer Fredette is organizing a two-game rookie exhibition series in Utah for late September, but he hasn't invited MarShon Brooks, says Brooks' agent. "No worries" adds Seth Cohen. MarShon's already booked anyway.

"MarShon is headed back to school where his focus will be continuing his training and taking the remaining classes to get his degree," Cohen told NetsDaily in an email. "And as for the weekends in September, he pretty much has commitments for all of them." Brooks later tweeted that he is back in Providence and taking two courses.

The games are set for September 21 at the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City and September 22 at Provo’s Marriott Center. Kemba Walker agreed to play in the exhibition Tuesday. Fredette was the NCAA's leading scorer, averaging 28.2 ppg for Brigham Young, while Brooks finished second at 24.6.