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Transit Connection, LIRR Terminal Getting Prepped for Arena Opening

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Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The $50 million Transit Connection at the Barclays Center "front door" has to be completed before the arena can open, but that's unlikely to be a problem.  It's two months ahead of schedule and is expected to be done six months before the arena. 

The latest construction update notes that the roof has been poured at the arena site and the staircase is currently being installed.  Meanwhile at the other end of the connection, at the LIRR's $108 million Atlantic Terminal, giant coffin-like security "bollards" will be replaced in February to help facilitate crowd control.

The underground facility will link the LIRR and nine subways lines to "The Plaza at The Barclays Center", the public space outside the arena.  The whole station complex will be renamed "The Barclays Center" under a deal with the MTA. (As of now, LIRR riders would have to pay a fare to enter the subway portion of the connection, but if the Islanders move in, that could change.