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Bada Bing! Nets Hit "Paulie Walnuts"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Fogettabout It!  The Nets have put out a contract (ooh, bad choice of words) on Paulie Walnuts, aka Tony Sirico. 

They got Mr. Walnuts to record a radio spot this week for their All-Access ticket program and asked him to pose for some snapshots with fans, including Kimberlee Garris, Nets entertainment director.

All kidding aside, Sirico is a lifelong resident of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and the Nets couldn't find anyone better to illustrate their new slogan, "Jersey Strong, Brooklyn Ready."

And you don't believe us, ask that big Russian who killed those Czechoslovakians while posing as an interior decorator. He can be found in the Pine Barrens...or not.