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Unless Lockout Ends By September 1, Williams Heading for Turkey

Deron Williams has made it clear when he'll be leaving for his Turkish adventure.  After two charity events in Illinois and Utah, he'll be headed to Besiktas training camp in less than a month.

"It's already been documented that I'm going," Williams told reporters in Illinois where he'll be helping his alma mater raise money this weekend. "I'm supposed to be there September 1."  Of course, if things get settled between the NBA and the players by then, he won't have to go. But after Tuesday's round of legal action and recriminations, that's unlikely.

Just before departing, Williams and former Jazz teammate Kyle Korver will return to Utah on August 27 for their third-annual event. Proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club through Williams' The Point of Hope Foundation and the Utah chapter of Korver's Seer Group charity.