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Goat Sacrifice? Rain of Heated Coins? It's Basketball, Turkish Style!

Deron Williams says he's excited about playing in Turkey, that he wants his family to have an "adventure".  ESPN's Rick Reilly says that all may be true, but what D-Will should really expect is a very different experience and not a lot of it good. He interviews several players who played in Turkey and (barely) survived.

There was the time a coach slaughtered a goat outside the arena to stop a losing streak, or the fans who rushed the court to fight an opposing team and the off-repeated stories of how heated coins, batteries and cell phones that rain down from the stands in the bandbox Turkish arenas.

Bottom line, writes Reily: "You won't exactly be playing in the Staples Center. Sometimes the arenas are so cold you can see your breath. Your breakfast is often olives, tomatoes and hummus. There are days when guys have to boil water to take a hot bath". It's an adventure all right.