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HoopsWorld: D-Will is "Likely Gone"

Steve Kyler, in a piece about the 2012 free agent class, writes this: "there is a truth to the situation in New Jersey that no one wants to admit: Deron Williams is likely gone in 2012." Kyler, editor of HoopsWorld, offers no factual basis for this "truth" and what follows is often contradictory.

While asserting D-Will is "likely gone" and has "indifference to the Nets" (not reflected here), Kyler notes they can offer him "a lot more money to stay in Jersey than anyone can pay him to leave" (the real issue is will he follow them to Brooklyn). Kyler tries to reconcile the contradiction by saying if D-Will stays (ignoring the "truth" he just asserted), it would further prove the trade "took the romance out of the game for Deron". He even misspells Mikhail Prokhorov's name.