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WSJ: Kris & Kim Should Join Hipster Brooklyn Set, Drive a Saab 900

Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal writes Tuesday that if, as planned, the happy "Humpdashians" are going to have an East Coast reception in New York, let it be in Brooklyn, not Manhattan, and let it have all the trappings of hipster Brooklyn, complete with endless discussions about everything. Then, they should move to Brooklyn.

"There will be romantic evenings at al di la, and when the babies arrive, aggressive stroller-shoving down Fifth Avenue," he writes. "They will raise honeybees on their roof, drive a vintage Saab 900 that runs on vegetable oil and get into snippy fights at the Red Hook Fairway (everyone does, folks; there's no shame)."

Kris and Kim sneaked off to a short European vacation after their wedding (not a honeymoon) and while there hasn't been much public discussion of it lately, she has said she'd be happy to be a Jersey Girl.