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Magic: Owners Want Rule Permitting Home Teams To Outbid Suitors

The CEO of the Orlando Magic has told the city's mayor that the NBA’s new CBA could include a new rule that would allow the Magic to outbid other suitors for Dwight Howard’s services. While the owners may want such a clause in the CBA, the players are likely to resist anything limiting player movement.

Such a rule, of course, would help the Nets retain Deron Williams as well.

The mayor, Buddy Dyer, provided no details and an Orlando Sentinel writer noted, "the question is how much more money will the Magic be able to offer than, say, the Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets or Boston Celtics? Would it be $1 million-a-year more or $10 million?

"If it’s $10 million than, yes, that would probably keep Dwight in Orlando," Bianchi added. "If it’s $1 million, that would likely have minimal impact his decision."