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Bogdanovic Breaks Out of Slump But France Hammers Croatia By 23

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It's not often a 5-for-14 shooting performance qualifies as a breakout after a slump but considering Bojan Bodganovic didn't hit a shot in his last game, he'll take it.  Still, Croatia lost again in London, this time to France by 23, 83-60. The Nets pick was the only productive member of the Croatian squad, scoring more than a quarter of their points.

Bogdanovic, who was up against France's Nicolas Batum, continued his shooting woes from deep, failing to hit a shot on five attempts. Over the last five games, he's 2-for-19 on three point attempts. He did garner 7 rebounds for the second game in a row.   Croatia plays China (and Yi Jianlian) at 10:30 a.m. EDT.  It is being webcast live on the Daily Telegraph's London Invitational Tournament feed.  However, on Sunday morning, US viewers were denied access to the feed.