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ESPN Panel: Nets Best Fit for D-Will

As part of its attempt to help us avoid boredom and despair, ESPN is looking at each of the top 2012 free agents, the best class since, well, a year ago.  On Tuesday, four writers looked at Deron Williams' future and three of them chose the Nets as D-Will's best fit. David Thorpe picked the Lakers.

Chris Broussard's opinion may be the most informed.  He was the last reporter to interview Williams, early last month.

"Deron spent five-and-a-half seasons in Utah in near anonymity, so being the face of the Nets' move to Brooklyn has excited him," writes Broussard. "He truly feels good about staying in New Jersey, although it's not a done deal yet. If the Nets can lure Howard there, however, it will be."