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Prokhorov: No Interest in Islanders; Yormark: We Can Host NHL, But...

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

Asked if Mikhail Prokhorov has any interest in buying the Islanders, a spokesman for the Nets owner tells NetsDaily, "As before, [he has] no interest in pursuing the purchase of another sports team at this time."

Prokhorov has long maintained a stance that he will focus on the Nets.

Speculation had arisen in the wake of the Nassau vote that Prokhorov might want to buy the Islanders and move them into Barclays Center.

Minutes after Prokhorov's email arrived, Brett Yormark issued a statement, also by email, that Barclays Center can handle NHL hockey, but noted it's more a discussion for the future.

"Barclays Center will have an ice rink that can support professional hockey," Yormark said in his email. "Due to the venue’s design, the capacity for hockey would be several thousand seats less than for basketball. While we hope to explore hockey opportunities in the future, our primary focus at the moment is to build the best sports and entertainment venue in the world."