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Prokhorov Appears on 3,000 Moscow Billboards, Extols "Power of Truth"

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

The first of 3,000 (not a typo) billboards featuring Mikhail Prokhorov's face are going up in Moscow this week.  The advertising, large and small, is part of a nationwide campaign to get Prokhorov and his Pravoe Delo party maximum exposure in preparation for December's parliamentary elections. Prokhorov became head of the party in June.

Each billboard is dominated by the face of the Nets' owner, the party's slogans: "The Inevitability of Change" and "The Power of Truth," and the address of his blog.  Prokhorov is reportedly willing to spend $100 million to upgrade the visibility of his liberal, pro-business party. The cost of the campaign in the Moscow region alone is estimated at more than  $300,000.