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Hump: "No Jitters, I Play in the NBA!" Then He Takes Whack at Paparazzi

Friday is his last full day as a bachelor. To his great credit, Kris Humphries has retained his cool amidst the media hype surrounding his marriage to Kim Kardashian. That is, until Thursday night.

"Jitters? No man, I play in the NBA, baby!" the Nets star told Access Hollywood Wednesday night at the Kardashian Kollection launch party in Hollywood, adding that "I'm excited. Everything's good."

He spoke too soon. Thursday night, Kardashian humbled Humphries for bashing paparazzi with gift bags following their wedding rehearsal.  As London's Daily Mail reports, "Kim- who relies on the constant attention of the flashbulbs to keep her in the spotlight - was not impressed with his behaviour, asking him: 'Why did you do that'?"