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Ratner, Yormark Meet NHL Officials

CNBC's Darren Rovell reports Bruce Ratner and Brett Yormark met with officials of the National Hockey League Thursday. A Nets insider confirmed the meeting, which took place at the NHL offices in Manhattan, but declined to discuss details including whether an architect accompanied them. It's one more sign the Barclays Center is serious about luring the Islanders to Brooklyn.

The NHL also confirmed the meeting but like the Nets didn't provide details.

In his tweet, Rovell wrote, "Barclays Center Developer Ratner & CEO Yormark spotted at NHL offices today. Brooklyn Islanders?" The big issue, of course, is whether the league would approve an arena with a limited capacity for hockey and questionable sightlines, but an NHL official told Newsday,"We have no set seating capacity or requirements established," that it's "situation-based". The Islanders' plan to build a new Nassau Coliseum was rejected by Long Island voters earlier this month. Their lease runs out in 2015.