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Arena Bar Controversy Reopens

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Machavelle was the first of several bars and clubs near the Barclays Center to open and is now in its third month of operation. Its owners note they are Brooklynites and say their business is not focused on the arena, but that has stopped critics from accusing them of catering to drunken fans at the "urina".

"If there are benefits to be had from being closer to the Barclays Center, we’d want to participate in that, but that’s not the only purpose of the place, to cater to that crowd," said a representative of the bar.

But Jon Crow, who runs a community garden across the street isn't impressed. "You’re going to have a rash of bars like this that want to open up and capitalize on all the crowds they see coming for the games and performances at the ‘urina,’" Mr. Crow said. "They’re going to be urinating all over the neighborhood.”