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Gorbachev Endorses Prokhorov as Politics Gets Tense in Russia

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

Mikhail Gorbachev, who helped lead Russia out of its communist past, likes what Mikhail Prokhorov is doing on the Russian political scene. Others do not and have set up billboards that mock his own, claiming that he thinks just because he is rich, he is right.

Gorbachev, 80, praised what Prokhorov has done with his Pravoe Delo political party and said, "I like him."  Gorbachev was ousted as Soviet President and Communist Party chief 20 years ago this week.  He also said he thinks Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is done.

Also, mock billboards went up in Moscow Tuesday casting doubt on Prokhorov’s 'integrity and decency', reports the state news agency. The billboards were made to look like those Prokhorov erected.