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Bored Broussard Tries Hand at GM

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Chris Broussard is bored like the rest of us. So he came up with a proposal that would reignite the Mavericks title hopes. What he came up with was a four-team, nine-player, one-pick trade that would send Deron Williams to Dallas and Brook Lopez to Milwaukee in return for Brandon Jennings, Paul Millsap and Tyson Chandler.

It's all based on a scenario where "the Nets' plan to lure Dwight Howard to the Northeast failed, so D-Will, faced with the prospect of playing lottery-ball for the rest of his career, began looking elsewhere. Enter the Mavericks, who think (rightly) that D-Will and Dirk can keep them in title contention."

Broussard's starting line-up: Jennings, Marshon Brooks, Millsap, Kris Humphries, Chandler.