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NBA: Nets Can Attend K&K Nuptials

The Nets front office staff, including owners, executives and coaches, can attend this weekend's wedding of Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian, the NBA has ruled. The team needed league permission because lockout rules prohibit team ownership and management from any contact with players.

As previously reported by NetsDaily (no slouch when it comes to international gossip mongering), a large contingent is expected to fly to Montecito, CA, near Santa Barbara, for the Saturday event. The guest list is a closely held secret, per the bride and groom, but sources say much if not all of the coaching staff as well as key front office types, including the "Killer Bees", Billy King and Bobby Marks, have been invited. As for owners, Jay-Z has long been rumored to have an invitation. Mikhail Prokhorov? No word yet, but the Guflstream is available.

Meanwhile, E! which will televise a wedding special in October, is asking readers to compare Hump with Prince William (the one who's heir to the throne of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).