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Lists, Lists...Everyone's Got Lists; Sports Illustrated Ranks D-Will at #7

Ranking the NBA's best players (or every player) is the newest lockout-induced obsession of the dribbling class. Zach Lowe of SI just completed his Top 100 and CBS is midway through theirs. In a twitter-centric endeavor, ESPN has now joined them. They're doing everyone who ever picked up a basketball, it seems, a Top 500!

SI and CBS rankings come with an explanation, ESPN's with a number and a name. Is it time to rank ESPN "experts"? They claim 91 of them participated. 

Lowe ranks Deron Williams at #7,  Brook Lopez at #49 and thinks Kris Humphries "just missed the cut" for the top 100. At #7, D-Will ranks ahead of Derrick Rose, at #9, and just behind Chris Paul at #6.

CBS rankings put Lopez at #59 and don't mention Humphries. It will be a couple of days before they get to Williams.

ESPN is tweeting new names every few minutes. So far, it's gone 401-500, including draftees. They have Sundiata Gaines at 402, Ben Uzoh at 412, Stephen Graham at 443, Jordan Williams at 475,  and long departed 10-day contract Orien Greene at 484.