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Going Young Key For Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Writer Chris Yusavage analyzes the Nets' hopes for overtaking the Knicks and concludes the way to make the Brooklyn Nets relevant in a Knick-centric city is go young and hard.

"The Garden is, frankly, old," writes Yousavage at Dr. Jay' "It’s a legendary arena and players love playing there. But for younger fans looking for a great place to catch an NBA game, the Barclays Center is going to be the place to be. Additionally, fans who jump on board the Nets’ bandwagon now have the chance to be a part of something from the start."

Yusavage thinks the Nets' "10 Minutes from Wall Street" promotion is a good one, but attracting young people and selling Barclays as the place to be seen is crucial. "From the celebs that will line the court to the young fans who will be happy to see Brooklyn get its’ own team, the place is going to be a sight to see for all NBA fans," he writes.