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For Howard's Brooklyn Jaunt, Some Helpful Travel Tips From Nets Fans

As Dwight Howard rode through Brooklyn Friday night, updating on Twitter as he moved, Nets fans were only too happy to help him locate landmarks as day turned to night in the borough.

"I hear there is a new basketball arena being built there. Maybe stop by and see it?," tweeted Elone at 6:15 p.m., a few minutes after Howard announced he was headed for Brooklyn.

"U gotta see Barclays. Good view from Dean St. and 6th Ave. All trains lead to Barclays Center. Future home of Superman," tweeted @jerry25 at 6:43 p.m.

" I jus passed it," Howard replied a minute later. Saturday, he hinted, there'd be a visit to Junior's and some hoops.

Howard's transitory (transit-ory?) relationship with Nets fans seems better than the one he he's had recently with fans in Orlando, who he first criticized, then apologized to this week. It's all part of what seems to be Howard's long goodbye to the Magic. Even the team's most loyal bloggers think he's gone...but to where?