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Gaines Appears Bothered by Hip

After scoring 38 points in the Nike Pro City Tournament semi-final Tuesday, Sundiata Gaines seemed slowed by his injured hip in the in the final Thursday, according to a DIME writer who covered both games. Martin Kessler tweeted, "Gaines looked bothered at times by the injury. He limped back to the bench and played sparingly in the 4th."

Gaines fractured his hip back in March and after a long rehab finally began playing again the last few weeks, getting time on the court in both the Entertainment Clasic at Rucker Park and the Nike Pro-City at Baruch College. His team, The Franchise, lost in the Finals to Dyckman/NYAC.  MarShon Brooks played one game for Dyckman three weeks ago, scoring 48. Fellow Providence alum Ryan Gomes led Dyckman.