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Can Prokhorov Be Prime Minister and Nets Fan? He Thinks He Can

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

As Mikhail Prokhorov's political ambitions became clearer Thursday, his spokesperson told reporters that "day-to-day decision making will remain within the current structure" of the team and that "Mikhail will continue to be a great supporter and fan." The Nets declined comment on whether his aspirations will affect team operations.

There's no indication Prokhorov would give up his role as principal owner. Nor is there any indication he has lessened  financial support for the club. Prokhorov continues to own 80% of the team and 45% of the Barclays Center through a US holding company that has no ties to his holdings in Russia.  David Stern has said accepting a high-ranking position in the Kremlin wouldn't disqualify Prokhorov as owner.

On Thursday, Prokhorov gave his most far-reaching press conference on his aspirations, telling reporters in Moscow, "I think I am capable of doing the tasks of the prime minister." Prokhorov also offered several controversial positions, including a suggestion that Russia abandon the ruble for the euro.