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"10 Minutes From Wall Street"

Brooklyn Sports & Enterrtainment
Brooklyn Sports & Enterrtainment

The Nets have launched a new advertising campaign aimed squarely at those who are among the most loyal --and most well-off-- of Knicks fans. They're going after the "Masters of the Universe", who populate Wall Street and the Financial District. The team is taking out ads on websites popular along The Street.

Clicking on a banner that reads, "10 Minutes from Wall Street", first reveals a drop down ad that shows eight subway lines reaching across the East River to Brooklyn, then links to the All-Access page of Barclays Center, where the Larry King is heard talking about the return of professional sports to Brooklyn "after 56 years".

The Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden are about equidistant from Wall Street. The No. 3 train, the Broadway Express, for example, is five stops away from both arenas.